How Rainbow-Plus works

The basic Rainbow-Plus module takes 45 minutes, regardless of numbers of participants. It requires nothing to be completed ahead of an event. Longer sessions, which include interactive exercises, can also be had.

To obtain maximum value, sessions are best held at the start of an event, making it possible for type awareness to be exercised throughout. It can also be useful to hold a session at the end of an event where learning from observations can be shared.

Through a short questionnaire and a process of self assessment people are guided to awareness of their own likely personality type.

To find out a little about your likely type go to Assess yourself

To see how Rainbow-Plus works click on the image or the start button. To stop, click the button again. Internet Explorer needs a double click to start.

Essentially people choose between four pairs of preferred ways of being energised, taking in information, making decisions and conducting their lives. Their preferences come together to make their personality type - what I think of as our default position - what feels most us in the absence of any pressure to be otherwise.

There are, therefore, 16 types in all and each is represented by a triangle or circle in the Rainbow-Plus diagram (see below).

Rainbow-Plus is so called because it comprises the seven colours of the rainbow plus one other - maroon - pretty much what you get if you mix red and violet.

The jingle next to the diagram helps people quickly identify which preferences each symbol represents

Introverts sit above the line
And extraverts stand below
Intuitives find their place to the right
Whilst sensers leftwards go

Feelers lie horizontally
Whilst thinkers are vertically bound
And judges form into triangles
Whilst perceivers circle around

The presentation advises people how to use type awareness to advantage and each participant is supplied with a workbook for ongoing reference, as well as for use at the session itself.

The workbook also contains a set of type stickers. If everyone attaches to their delegate badges, the sticker symbolising their type, participants are able to observe and note how different types tend to behave.

This means presenters can better customise, planners better organise and clients obtain valuable information for future use.

Attention is also drawn to some of the main combinations of preferences. The jingles below, for example, look at the combinations of how we’re energised (extravert or introvert) and how we take in information (senser or intuitive).

We’re introvert intuitives
Ideas are our trade
When we’re chewing on a new one
Our day is really made

We’re extravert intuitives
Change merchants to the end
If you’ll swop ideas with us
You’ll always be our friend

We’re introverts and sensers
And we like to check things out
We seek to have things sorted
To eliminate the doubt

We’re extraverts and sensers
And we like to get things done
Working hard and playing hard
Is how we get our fun

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