Welcome to Rainbow-Plus

Understanding how different personality types tend to behave, and react is virtually guaranteed to enhance our lives, both personally and professionally.

Rainbow-Plus is a personality type assessment system, designed for use at events, to enhance networking and learning. It is equally useful at meetings, incentive gatherings, familiarisation trips or workshops - indeed anywhere people hope to gain from interacting with each other.

Using Rainbow-Plus will also enable participants to make use of type awareness after the event.With Rainbow-Plus:

  • simple and colourful graphics make it very easy to use
  • nothing needs to be completed by participants ahead of an event
  • questions are delivered orally as well as being able to be read on screen
  • there is a very simple system for scoring answers
  • participants are helped to carry out a self assessment of their type
  • there is an easy to follow workbook, with tips and guidance notes, for use both at events and subsequently
  • participants are supplied with type stickers, which mean everyone is aware of everyone else’s type

On this site, you are able to find out:

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